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    What is Morton's Neuroma?

    Morton’s neuroma is a common foot condition which can present itself as anything from a numbing or tingling sensation to an intense burning pain in the ball of the foot.

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  • <a href='' style='border: none; text-transform: none;'>Cryosurgery for Morton's Neuroma</a>

    Cryosurgery for Morton's Neuroma

    If you have Morton's neuroma and are seeking a cure or remedy for this painful condition, we offer cryosurgery for Morton’s neuroma at our clinic in Sheffield, UK.

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    Morton's Neuroma Treatment

    Having treated well over 2000 cases, Robin Weaver has years of experience in Morton's neuroma treatment with Cryosurgery, also referred to as Cryotherapy.

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Morton’s Neuroma At The Barn Clinic


We operate a   London based clinic  every  month.

Please call 0114 221 4780 for more information and to register your interest.

Morton’s neuroma is a painful foot condition which can be difficult to treat. The Barn Clinic provides a medically managed and independent private clinic with an unrivalled reputation for cryosurgery for Morton’s neuroma. Our four light and spacious clinic rooms are all equipped with high standard, advanced technology and staffed by our team of friendly expert practitioners – so you can relax and enjoy your Morton’s neuroma treatment knowing you’re in the safest of hands.

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Mr Weaver is a renowned podiatrist and was the first in the UK to use cryosurgery in Morton’s neuroma treatment. He is supported by Danielle and Georgia who will assist you with your booking requirements and meeting any special requirements that you might have. As well as assisting Mr Weaver during your treatment Georgia will chat to you and keep you entertained and relaxed.

Morton’s neuroma varies in severity from patient to patient, depending primarily on how developed it is. Not all cases will require cryosurgery, and indeed we do offer other Morton’s neuroma treatment options at the The Barn Clinic. If you are unsure about the state of your condition, or how to proceed with treatment, please do not hesitate to contact us as we will be more than happy to arrange an appointment with you to advise. It is always better to begin treatment for Morton’s neuroma sooner rather than later as the condition is likely to continue to worsen over time if you do not intervene.

As a team, our overall goal is to restore your quality of life that Morton’s neuroma and similar foot conditions so often disrupt.

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