Just thought I would let you know that apart from a little throbbing on Friday evening I have been free on any problems what-so-ever, and the wound seems to be completely healed. I would like to say a big Thank you to you, Robin, and to your lovely staff for being so professional but also friendly and helping me to feel at ease.

A lovely balance.

Elizabeth B – 2013


Dear Robin, Ellie and Georgia, Many thanks for yesterday. The 3 of you could not have done more to make an extremely stressful experience any easier. What a team! I am faithfully following all the instructions, and Ian is waiting on me hand and foot. I still have no pain in my right foot and the ongoing pain in my untreated foot acts as a reference. Thanks again, and we will be in touch with future progress.

Eileen H – 2013


I had absolutely no complications or infections after the cryosurgery. I followed your instructions to the letter and had no problems. I would most definitely recommend Cryosurgery to others. I am really cross with myself for not coming to you sooner! But - I would only recommend you, as I would be worried to use another practitioner with less experience.

Sarah K – 2018:


Hi Georgia, I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone at The Barn Clinic for being so nice and supplying me with lots of tea. I’m very pleased that I’ve had my foot done and whilst it’s early days, and I’m going carefully I already feel the benefit.

Kate B – 2016


I had cryosurgery carried out by Mr Robin Weaver a number of years ago. I have never had a problem since, and would highly recommend this treatment to anyone suffering the same. I can only speak as I find.

Steve H - 2014


I am writing to update you on how my recovery has been going. I am absolutely amazed at how well things have gone. It is like getting my life back and having full mobility again.  I can drive the car without having to stop because the pain in my foot was so bad. I can go shopping without having to stop and remove my shoe. It is amazing. I have had no pain now for weeks. I cannot express how grateful I am that you were able to sort out my neuroma. I tell lots of people about your clinic and how my life has changed.

Sandi W - 2010


I just wanted to update you on my foot now that we are 3 months down the line. Quite simply, it is fantastic. I honestly didn’t believe it would be this good. I am almost pain free now – with only an occasional twinge in the nerve if I catch it at a funny angle, such as walking on an uneven surface. In all other respects I am completely recovered and enjoying re-discovering all my shoes that have been off limits for 3 years, that I can now wear again without pain. Last week I wore heels for the first time and felt absolutely great. I would never have been able to do that 3 months ago! What can I say – a brilliant result! I am so glad I didn’t go down the conventional [excision] surgery route and that I came to you instead. It was worth EVERY penny and I am just annoyed with myself that I deliberated so long before doing it. I feel like a wasted nearly 3 years being in pain, when for such a simple procedure, (from my point of view) I could have stopped it. Thank you all so much – I am one very happy patient.

Liz D


Dear Mr. Weaver and Staff,

Just a quick email to give you an update on my foot. Two weeks since the operation and I cannot believe the difference made to my foot already. Initially, it felt like my foot was slightly bruised underneath and I had pins & needles in my 3 middle toes, but this was so much less than the neuroma pain even during the first day.  These symptoms have gradually reduced over the last couple of weeks and today I walked my dog around the field without noticing my foot at all – the first time in 18 months!!! I also didn’t realise how much low grade pain I had all the time – this has almost completely gone. I know that I must still treat my foot with care for a few more weeks, and I will definitely not push it too far as I do not want to risk damaging your work, but I am so pleased with the results of your surgery. Thank you for giving me back the pleasure of walking without pain. Thank you all so much.

Janet V – 2017


I would like to inform you that after one week from the cryosurgery everything is OK. At the right foot (the one that had excision surgery before) I have little pain which at say 6,7 and 8 (sometimes during the day) minimizes to almost no pain. At the left foot I have no pain since first day. I didn’t feel the need to take painkillers at any time since cryosurgery.  I would like the than Mr. Robin, Georgia and the girl (which I don’t remember her name) that when to pharmacy and bring waterproof plasters for me. You were all very kind and helpful to us and during our visit there and there was not a single moment that we felt uncomfortable. Also the confidence that Mr. Robin has about what he is doing helped me not to be nervous at all. Nor before cryosurgery and nor during the process, and this was very important for me because I am usually nervous with these procedures. Thank you very much for helping me have a better quality of life. Best regards, Savvas (Cyprus)

Savvas N - 2015


To Robin and your staff, Thank you all for your help and support today. I felt very well cared for and I look forward to feeling the benefit over the coming months.

Lesley E – 2018


Georgia was instrumental from the word go when I rang for information, in 2013. She was so helpful, giving relevant information, answering questions and getting back to me quickly if she didn't know, after consulting with Robin.  She gave me confidence. I'd found the Barn info on the internet so she was instrumental in the choice and taking our first step into the unknown world of cryosurgery. Warm regards, and thanks again.

E Hyde – 2018


Hi Robin,

As three weeks have elapsed since I attended your clinic I thought I'd update you on my progress.

Firstly I am absolutely thrilled, having experienced nothing but mild soreness 48 hours post procedure - I did rest up as advised.

On day three I was happily driving again and I never had any bleeding, bruising or pain. Last weekend I ventured out on a couple of two hours plus dog walks and never once felt any pain or discomfort.

Needless to say I am so very grateful to you Robin for perfecting this technique and offering such a fabulous alternative to conventional surgery. Although I am proud to have worked for the NHS for nearly 39 years, I will not hesitate to recommend The Barn Clinic to anyone suffering from the same complaint as myself.

Your service excels and I feel that it really would be foolish for someone not to at least consider this as an option.

Finally please convey my thanks to Georgia and Danielle who are warm, friendly and very professional young ladies. They made me feel at ease from the moment I arrived. I'm used to dealing with patients but not being one - they made a difference. Delighted, delighted ,delighted!

My thanks and very best wishes to you all.

Julie K – 2017


Please tell Robin that my foot is feeling WONDERFUL! Last month I was in the Andes hiking with friends. The terrain was steep with big tufts of grass to maneuver - just the sort of stuff that used to set my foot on fire. We sat down for a break and it suddenly dawned on me that my foot was not hurting!!! What a wonderful realization.

Many thanks for making my life less painful!

Margaret K – 2017


This is a note to thank you for the excellent treatment and care that you have given me over the past few years. I think I may have told you that when I first spoke to you I could trust you. I have never strayed from that view - you have always been very fair and considerate with me. I consider myself to be very fortunate in finding you when I did. I send you my very best wishes to your future and hope that it holds whatever you wish it in. Kindest regards.

Jane C – 2017


Good Afternoon. Firstly, I apologise for being so late in sending this email, but would like to say a big Thank You to Mr Weaver for the cryosurgery I received in November 2017. I am delighted with the results and the fact that I can now walk pain free is fantastic. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who was suffering in a similar way to myself. Once again, my heart-felt thanks for both the diagnosis and treatment.

Mrs B - 2017


I wanted to thank you for taking so much trouble in diagnosing the problems within my foot & explaining them so clearly. I was disappointed that the treatment you offer was inappropriate for me, but you have made it possible for me to seek the suitable treatment and closer to home. Thank you again for your advice and pointing me in the right direction. I feel further forward to a resolution.

Christine L – 2018


Approximately five years ago I had surgery for a Morton’s Neuroma.  However after four years the problem reoccurred.  I did not want to go back to an orthopaedic surgeon as I did not want to have to endure another general anaesthetic and the inconvenience of being off work etc. and there was no guarantee that he could perform the procedure again successfully. After reading about Cryosurgery for the treatment of Morton’s Neuroma I made an appointment to see Mr Weaver who informed me that I now had something called a Neuroma Stub which, although could be treated with Cryosurgery, he could not guarantee would be 100% successful as once the Neuroma has been operated on it is difficult to treat. However, I decided to go along with the Cryosurgery procedure thinking that even 50% improvement would be better than nothing as the pain was quite intense.   Almost one year on the Neuroma has completely gone and I no longer have any pain associated with the Neuroma and the procedure has been completely successful. I would therefore recommend to anyone who is thinking of having Cryosurgery for this condition to go ahead as I can now do all the things I enjoyed, ie walking the dog, golfing and shopping without any discomfort.

Lesley C – 2018


Dear Mr Weaver, I just wanted to thank you and your team for the warm welcome and hospitality my husband and I received when I attended The Barn Clinic for cryosurgery at the end of January. I am so pleased I decided to undergo the procedure and absolutely delighted with the results. The overall improvement is remarkable and more than I'd hoped for. You said my foot would never be perfect and indeed it doesn't feel quite the same as the other one. However, I only feel the difference without shoes on, and even then I have no pain, no 'electric-shocks', no lump and I can actually put my weight down evenly. Amazing. As this was my 3rd neuroma, conventional surgery was not an option and I was at my wits end with pain and constant toe scrunching and limping. The main problem has been learning to walk without a lump after having one for so long. It was such a habit. With grateful thanks and very best wishes.

Lyn H.D – 2018


I would just like to say that I have been entirely delighted with the cryosurgery procedure on my left foot. Having suffered with the neuroma and the pain of the bursa has gone. However, occasionally now I do still feel like there is a lump under my foot when I get up in the morning and during the day too if I have been on my feet for a long period, also a slight numbing and tingling sensation can occur periodically. I find for a number of years my quality of life has improved greatly since the operation and I can now enjoy going on long walks with my husband without the fear of having to stop because of the pain in my foot.I would certainly recommend the procedure and indeed the clinic to anyone who is suffering from a neuroma in their foot. Mr Weaver is really talented he has done magic on my foot as well... and now I am back to my life.

Sobia J – 2017


I thought it was about time I gave you a progress report on the condition of my foot after the cryosurgery therapy to treat my Morton’s Neuroma. I’m delighted to inform you that there has been absolutely not pain or real discomfort, either at the treatment or since. Apart from the odd twinge and my toe feeling a little like a twig at times the whole experience has been trouble free. Due to our rather damp climate, my foot really hasn’t had too much of a test, however everyday tasks like walking and shopping are now a pleasure rather than a chore to be endured. Thank you so much for putting the spring back into my step.


Thank you for your questionnaire, which I have completed and attached. You carried our cryosurgery on my foot on the 7thMarch 2013, with a follow-up appointment on the 9thMay 2013. Now, just over 19 weeks later I can report the procedure has been a resounding success. I now have normal sensation and pain free walking, which is a great relief as prior to the procedure every step was painful and the condition was restricting my walking. Prior to consulting you I had seen my GP and been prescribed Ibruprofen gel, Turbogrip elastic and gel heel inserts, together with some exercises and advised to bathe my foot in warm water before going to bed. I had tried all of this for 4 or 5 months without any success at all. My GP was unable to offer any other solution apart form a steroid injection, but did warn me that that was likely to be very painful and might not be effective. I told her about the procedure offered at The Barn Clinic, she said that she didn’t know anything about it, but if I did go down that route to let her know the outcome, which I have done. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the treatment I received at The Barn Clinic. Everything as fully explained to be prior to the procedure and the technique was simple and virtually pain free. It is wonderful to return ‘to normal’. Contacting The Barn Clinic was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I would definitely recommend you to others in the same situation.

Elizabeth A


I have waited a long time to write this letter.

I had a second cryosurgery carried out by you on Friday 1stJuly 2011. As you told me at the time, the second treatment would leave me with some pain for up to 16 weeks. As it was my second attempt (and to be honest, I started jogging far too early after the first attempt) I waited the full 16 weeks before I started running again. At first in early November, I could run a few kilometers before the pain started again, but it was a very different pain. There was almost no burning, as before, but more of a sever bruise pain. I assume this was the scar tissue healing and was motivated by the difference. The improvement was very, very slow. By the end of November I could run about 3 Miles pain free, but my foot began to hurt if I went further. By Christmas, this threshold was about 5 Miles, but still the same pain if I went any further. The slow improvement continued through January and February although I was still extremely skeptical and sometimes felt, as though it would never really heal, as the improvement was not linear.

By March it was becoming only painful after 10 miles and I decided to try to run the Coniston 14K. This is a race that I do every year (this was my 15thtime) and I had to miss it last year as it was too soon after my first cryosurgery. On 31stMarch I ran the race successful and although by foot began to hurt a bit over the last 2 miles, it was fine within 2 hours afterwards and I was hiking in the hills that same day and the following 2 days without any problems. I now consider myself recovered. It was a long haul, but I am extremely grateful to you and the cryosurgery method. For someone like me, where running and hiking is an integral part of my like, I can really say that the cryosurgery has changed my life.

Your service was always professional and your conscientious dedication to success in removing my neuroma was transparent. As a small thank you, I enclose my medal for the Coniston 14K which I have dedicated to you and your assistant.

Jim B


Firstly, thank you for the sympathetic treatment on Friday. I was instantly reassured by your expertise and kindness. So far there hasn’t been any pain what so ever (no need to reach for the painkillers). No idea if that is normal but I am grateful nonetheless. Am about to put shoes on and go out for a short walk, so will see how it is then. Will keep in touch about progress (not too often though!).

Jane B - 2013


Thank you for looking after my foot, and me.

Amanda S – 2017


I am writing to update you on the success of the procedure undertaken for my Morton's Neuroma in January.

It will be 16 weeks on Monday since I attended your clinic and though I was advised I might expect a recovery period of 12 weeks I have left it until now as it is only these past two weeks or so I feel confident that I have indeed reached a level I was told I could expect. During the 16 weeks I have indeed experienced all of the symptoms I was told to expect, from some numbness at the start to a period at about 10 weeks where I thought the Neuroma was to become a permanent source of irritation and pain as it was as tender as ever.

However, I am now pleased to report that in the last four to five weeks that tenderness and pain has reduced to insignificance, I have been able to resume wearing shoes that are not particularly thick soled if I wish and I have resumed my cycling without fear of pain during or afterwards. There are brief moments where I might be aware that the fourth toe feels a little numb, and also when I think I feel that there is still some thickened tissue in the area of the Neuroma or indeed that it might still be there but this may be due to my oversensitivity.

I am able not to give it any thought now and would judge my recovery better than 95%.

I have only ever taken pain killers on rare occasions since the procedure but started to become concerned at the ten week point when the tenderness of the Neuroma was at it's worst. I held fast to the hope that this was possibly only the nerve sleeve re-generating or something like and it has indeed proved to be just part of the healing it would seem.

In conclusion I would say that perhaps slightly longer in recovery than I had thought it has been worth the journey in terms of time, distance to your clinic and the money paid. Your procedure was highly professional from start to finish by yourself and your assistant, the preparation thorough and the surroundings and communication welcoming and pleasant.

I will be reporting to my GP on the success when I next attend his surgery and have already recommended it to any who ask as does my friend who drove me home from Sheffield and is of course aware of my progress. It is my belief that this procedure must be more cost effective than surgery to any business or employee, certainly less traumatic and as effective, if not more so to the patient of whom I am sure there are many hundreds who still need to be aware this cryosurgery is available.

May I thank you and your staff for their attention and wish you every success for the future.


It’s been just over a year since my surgery and I thought I would take a moment to write to you as my “story” may help others.

I am so grateful to you all at the Barn Clinic - I’m very close to as “normal” as I’m ever going to get!

I had my surgery at the beginning of May last year.  At the time, I could only ever wear Ugg boots or flip flops and still had pain. Even wearing a pair of socks was too much pressure on the nerve in my foot. I lived in constant pain from even a 5 minute walk to the station and had to take high doses of Ibruprufen twice a day to help with the throbbing and discomfort which sometimes was agony enough to make me cry.

After the surgery - No infection whatsoever - I followed the clear instructions from the Barn Clinic and had no issues.  I stayed off my feet for 3 days and then walked very carefully and as little as possible for a couple of weeks. I kept the foot bandaged for just over a week and bought a giant pair of slip on sandals (I had to buy a pair with diamante on them, a girl has to stay glamourous :).

For the first few months I still had pain and kept out of closed in shoes except for Sketchers Go walk - in a half size bigger than normal. I used the half insoles, that were made for me, religiously (and still do). They fit in most shoes.

  • After 2 months I bought a bike and tried to cycle more than walk long distances as it was less pressure on my foot. I had some throbbing pain and sometimes cramp or pins and needles in my toes.
  • After 6 months I still had some pain - throbbing a bit but not nearly as bad as it had been previously.  Just an annoyance, not enough to warrant taking painkillers regularly.
  • After 9 months, as I still had a little throbbing sometimes, I was tempted to go back but I remembered the doctor telling me that when I did that, he would probably say “wait another 3 months”.  So I did.

Now, after a year, I have virtually no pain at all.  I have been on several long hikes with friends and can enjoy that again.  I have been skiing twice - I take a low dose ibruprufen as a precaution before I start the day's skiing but it’s the only time I need to now. There is a bit of gentle throbbing at the end of the day but a couple of glasses of wine fixes it! I work on a cruise ship so I am on my feet all the time - sometimes after a long day I have a tiny bit of pain but it is gone after resting for a short while.  I am in love with Sketchers and now have a selection of them (TK MAXX or if you can get to the US - they have great deals and discounts). I still wear the insoles every day.

I have been to a wedding and a several good nights out wearing high heels - I try to wear sandals/mules rather than closed in shoes as it really makes a difference and you can slip them off under the table!  It’s all about how narrow the toe bed of the shoe is - my foot prefers some extra room so if I wear anything closed in then I go for a wide fitting - even though I have narrow feet. I wear Ugg boots or Sketchers or Fitflops the majority of the time and then I can “treat myself” to a bit of glamour about once a week with no problems.  I also choose shoes for everyday that have a padded or soft sole - that makes a huge difference to all day comfort. (M&S do padded sole comfort shoes in lots of styles). I rarely wear socks except for pop socks as I prefer my foot and toes to have less restriction. If I wear trainers I make sure that there is lots of room in the toe bed area.

Reality check - my foot was badly damaged so I will never be the girl that can wear any shoes I like, all the time, again.  But I don’t have bunions as many of my friends do and that is a blessing. I don’t buy cheap shoes even ballet flats anymore (saves me a fortune :).  I choose very carefully and avoid pointed toe shoes or narrow toe bed shoes or boots.  But I’ve got my very active life back and I am so very grateful.

If asked, I would say 100% have the cryosurgery, I am delighted with the results. It wasn’t cheap but it is well worth it.

Before, I had been to 3 chiropodists (all said something different and charged me a fortune for various insoles with lumps in them that made it worse). I had 10 sessions of physio & ultrasound treatments - cost a fortune and gave me little comfort.  I had had an mri scan (inconclusive except to tell me I had a nerve problem) went to a private orthopaedic surgeon who said I would have to have a major op to cut my foot open and cut the nerve and not walk for 10 weeks after. I declined, even though I was tempted, because I read lots of reviews by people who said that they had trouble afterwards with the lump at the end of the cut nerve causing discomfort.

Eventually I found the Barn Clinic and before I booked I did a lot of research regarding Cryogenic surgery and reviews.  Best decision I have made in a long while.  I wish I had done it 2 years earlier as the pain was so irritating it was making me depressed and I had put on a load of weight because of not moving enough. Now it’s shifted and I only have a few pounds to go and I’m bikini ready (lol).

If the pain comes back - I’ll be back!

Thank you again.  You’ve given me back my normal life. 🙂

Sarah K - 2019

NB: This patient took slightly longer than our typical patient to see the full benefit of the Cryosurgery treatment.