Thinking of having Steroid Injections or Alcohol Injections?

Have you considered Cryosurgery for Morton's Neuroma?

What are Steroid Injections?

Steroid injections have been used for decades to treat Morton’s neuroma. They are thought to be powerful anti-inflammatory agents and are known to cause atrophy or shrinkage of tissue. They are generally regarded as safe. However, the effects of the injections tend to be fairly short lived, lasting only 2-3 months. Furthermore there is evidence that if the diameter of the neuroma exceeds 5.4mm that the injection in not likely to give any long term benefit.

What are Alcohol Injections? 

The treatment goal of alcohol injections is to kill the interdigital nerve by repeatedly injecting alcohol around the nerve. Many find alcohol injections injection therapy to be a painful process to endure. Patients are also expected to have 5-6 injections performed at weekly intervals. Alcohol injections have now been abandoned by most due to poor results. Recent studies showed that less than 30% of patients were happy with their outcomes. Many experts fear that failed alcohol injections could leave the patient in a worse position than they were in before they started treatment due to increased scar tissue in the interspaces caused by the alcohol injections.



Cryosurgery is a modern form of treatment for Morton’s Neuroma, which offers patients a minimally invasive, clinic-based procedure with a high success rate and no risk of stump neuroma.

We like to think of Cryosurgery as wiping the slate clean, and returning your nerve to how it was before the neuroma occured. Due to the accuracy and precision used during the Cryosurgery treatment, we are able to selectively target and cause the breakdown of the thickened neuroma tissue, leaving the affected nerve unharmed and undamaged. The subsequent tissue breakdown and reabsorption, will leave you with an intact, healthy, fully-functioning nerve. Just how it was before the neuroma developed.


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